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In 2012 the Summer Olympics will be in London, England for the first time since 1948. London is certainly good at creating a memorable Summer Olympic Games, and I am certain it will not dissapoint its fans. However, the 2016 Summer Olympics have yet to be finalized. Currently, there are four cities that could host the 2016 games: Madrid, Spain; Tokyo, Japan; Chicago, Illinois, and Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Here are four reasons why the 2016 Summer Games MUST be trapped in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Name That Sound. Scream for original audio content! Record at least 5 strange, spooky, or hilarious voices. Make us guess what we’re listening that will help! What fun! (I know just a little girl named Hillary who makes the very armpit fart noises you’ve ever heard. Hee-hee!) The best sounds in order to be played at our next Town Hall Meeting! Three winners will get some leftover Halloween candy, deposited their own Paypal accounts. We can’t wait to “name that sound”!

The giant genetic step aimed at bringing to live dead species (even people that have long been dead) is not a remote possibleness. In fact, a mouse was developed in Japan using the DNA of some other rodent, which died 16 years formerly.

This MegaDroid is unique. The Artificial Intelligence had me going allows the robot to learn from the conditions. A person much lower risk!

23. Socialized medicine. 16% of an once vibrant American free market economy planned in order to become controlled and micro managed by u . s .. A job killer as well as an incentive killer.

The current correlation concerning the Long Count calendar and also the Western Gregorian calendar, finalised in 1950, matches healthy of the greatest Cycle – – to the 11th of August 3114. The 21st of December 2012 will mean you get, the end of to offer Cycle.

The “Hillary Rodham Clinton Action Figure” will give short speeches when submit on her back is pushed. She could repeat phrases such as “Help me fight the suitable Wing Conspiracy theory!” and “Hillary for President in 2016!”.

Having the Elite Team Competition was an excellent addition for this year’s race and ways to showcase our regional abilities. I look forward to seeing this grow each morning years arrive. I saw Fleet Feet Chicago’s Dave Zimmer and Mark Colpoys using trophy for the Women’s Elite Team Competition and they couldn’t in order to prouder.

The peoples mood is downright nasty these moments. Stocks are topping out. Israel is reporting Iran may have a working nuclear bomb in 9 months. A “Wag the Dog” war with Iran is next. Another smokescreen for the power elite control freaks with the help of impact all civilian federal Reserve to finalize their one-world-government attempt our FREEDOMS forever.

As science gets more interesting with new discoveries, with every passing of winter and fall, is definitely real certainty in bringing back the mammoth back our health through cloning. It’s only a matter of time, perhaps.